outlier brands everybody's creative southwest Florida's best travel tourism hospitality agencyAs a creative for more than three decades owning my own joint, with hundreds of clients across the country in our portfolio and over 1,000 awards on our wall, the last thing I want to give up is creative control.

Would you?

However, I’m not speaking specifically about the creative product, its evolution and outcome. That’s best left in the hands of the artists, writers, magicians and scientists of the almighty brand.

What I am endorsing, and have enthusiastically forever, is the notion that every individual on your team — agency or client side — not only has the capacity, but the rights and yes, even the challenge, to exercise their right brain.

There’s no razor wire fence when it comes to labels in the creative industry. If your project team includes production, digital, social, interactive, art, copy and whomever else — well, each member should know that the expectation is: don’t sit on your title. Think. Think big or go home. Go ahead, throw it against the wall and we’ll see if it sticks.

Same on the client side, especially in organizations where vastly different areas of responsibility may exist. Just because you’re an assistant to the manager does not exclude you from the challenge (read: opportunity) to think outside the box, open the box and let that eureka moment see the light of day.

It may be intimidating for those never given the green light, to put the pedal to the metal. The silence of the “I’ll look stupid” lambs.

But if your organization embraces a culture where ideation is welcomed by all and enhances a culture that says anything is possible and nothing is judged, you just might find a creative perspective never considered that’s mind blowing, because the point of view is uniquely different.

Dangerous stuff, this empowering of the masses. But powerful in its potential to turn everything upside down, and come out (even more) on top. Try it. I double dare you.

By Johnny Sprecher 

John Sprecher outlier brands Addi Sprecher
Johnny Sprecher is Founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Outlier Brands, hyper-specialists in hospitality, destinations, attractions, economic development, culinary, entertainment, fitness, recreation and a handful more business to consumer brands. 

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