Whether you’re a national corporation with thousands of locations, or a stand-alone small business, having an accurate and robust Google My Business listing is mandatory — your opportunity to convey your who, what, when, where and why in snackable format.

But are you making the most of the many resources and consumer data that GMB also provides? If not, here’s all the free value at your fingertips:

  • Keyword Targeted Search Terms. Your paid search agency should be able to accurately pinpoint your brand’s keywords — essential to any campaign. But GMB search terms can help your marketing efforts be even more laser-focused because they’re based on organic searches of your brand. Use in any paid advertising effort — digital, social, e-marketing and more — as well as search engine optimization.
  • Keyword Geo Feeder Markets. Not only does GMB reveal the key terms that organic searchers use to locate your brand, Google also shares your key metro geographic feeder markets. Combined with keyword terms, you now know what consumers are searching for, and geographically where they’re best found.
  • Desktop and Mobile Reporting. What digital platforms do your audiences prefer? Some brands are more naturally compatible with desktop searches while others are mobile-embraced. Knowing this is yet another critical parameter that will help better align any of your paid campaigns, as well as your online marketing, to your consumer preferences.
  • Reviews. Oh yes. Reviews. The more the better, of course, with many easy ways to grow this important brand enhancer.

So, ask yourself or your agency this: are you taking advantage of all the valuable free data that GMB provides?

If not, we can up your marketing, improve its efficiency and grow your revenues with our Google My Business expertise. Just reach out.

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Johnny Sprecher is Founder and Chief Creative Officer for Outlier Brands. Outlier Brands is a 36-years-smart integrated brand activation agency with hundreds of success stories and more than 1,000 awards in our history. We’re hyper-specialists in hospitality, tourism, lodging, dining, entertainment, fitness, healthcare, attractions, finance and cause marketing. Contact us here.

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