The science of color psychology is a real thing. Don’t believe it? Just look around. Whether it’s a person, an automobile, a house, you name it — colors create impressions and conceptions, positive or negative.

And the beauty of colors is that they don’t waste a lot of time impressing us. A study by the Institute of Color Research found that we’ll pass judgment on humans, products, brands and more within 90 seconds of our first interaction — and that 90% of this assessment is based solely on color.

So how can you manipulate the psychology of color into your brand’s success? To begin, you need to understand the various emotions that colors evoke, and how those emotions bind organically with your brand to attract, affect and motivate your target audiences.

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85% of consumers claim that color is the primary reason they buy a particular product, while up to 80% reported consistent colors increased brand recognition.

The emotional responses to colors as presented here in overview form are critical to your brand’s positive perception, likability and loyalty — all vital psychographics for you to amass and retain consumers and their purchases. So, take a detached and critical look at your brand, up and down your communications channels and decision funnels. If you don’t like what you see, odds are others don’t either.

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John Sprecher is Founder and Chief Creative Officer for Outlier Brands. We’re not an agency for every client. Only those bold enough to step out, above and beyond your competition to position your brand as distinctive from the rest. Interested? Getting there starts here. Contact John here or talk to him on demand at 239.395.9555. 

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